Collection: Selflöv – Jewelry collection by Inga Svensson

A selection of jewelry inspired by nature. Selflöv is from the english "self love", but with "löv" instead. "Löv" is Swedish för "leave" but sounds like "love". It is a combination that came to mind since Andreas and Inga are using the word "löv" for "love" when they say good by to each other. And being in nature is some kind of taking care of yourself.

Most of the shapes are oak, birch, ginco, fir needle, monstera and artistic leaves.

The jewelry in this selection is made from old silver cutlery in 830 silver, brass, copper, bronze or 925 silver. They are hammered, shaped, ground, engraved, and polished. All items are one of a kind and handmade by Inga Svensson.