Terms, Conditions and Integrity

We believe that honesty and communication solves almost everything.

Promise of kindness

We want to be kind – to you, ourselves and our planat. We want you to be happy with your purchase and us to be happy with our company and responses from our customers. The items we create should be lasting for long and should be a loved item for you to use and maybe later – to pass on.

You know, that knife you have used your whole life and one day will give to your grandchild. Or the earrings you always have been wearing to special occasions and that one day will adorn the ears of your child.

To make this long lasting and beloved items, we need to work with high quality, both with materials and processes. By doing this, we make sure to do everything to keep this planet alive and make high quality items you and someone after you can love. Being kind to you, ourselves and the planate is our way of making the world a better place.

Terms and Conditions

  • If you buy something in our webshop, or by ordering personally for a customized product, you will accept our terms of condition when the paying process is done.
  • You have to be 18 years old to order from us.
  • If anything is going wrong with our pricing in the webshop and you already ordered, we will inform you directly and you can chose if you are ok with the right pricing or want to stop your order and get your money back.
  • Return: You have a 14-day right of return. Normally, you pay the return delivery costs. We will pay the shipping if anything went wrong with the item, like if you got the wrong item. You have to contact us within the first 14 days after that you received the item. The item must be unused and in salable new condition in order for us to be able to pay back the entire amount. If you want to return something later than after 14 days, we will of course try to help you the best we can. Please contact us at info@svenssons.online and we will help you.
  • Disclaimer: Use common sense before and while using our products. If you see any defects or abnormal things, please inform us immediately by sending a mail to info@svenssons.online. Svenssons.online is not responsible for any injuries or death that may occur while using our products.

Delivery and payment

  • We send the items as fast as we can. Since we are two ordinary people having this webshop, our social media channels, our life to handle on the farm, in the workshop and with family and friends, sometimes the delivery takes a day longer. To Sweden we deliver in about 1-14 days and in Europe in about 7-21 days. If you have any requests on a delivery date, please let us know and we will do everything to make it happen!
  • If you don’t pic up your package, we have to charge 300 SEK that we will take from the amount you paid to us.
  • We work with Shopify payments that gives you security when ordering from us. We have no access to any of your paying information. 
  • When you pay, the payment will go to Wordpicture AB. This is our company for photography, graphic design and communication. If you are intrested in that, please check out our website wordpicture.se.


Integrity- and Privacy Policy

All the personal information you give to us we will use in the purpose you chose. If you by anything from us, we need your information to send the items to you. If you sign up for our newsletter, we use the information to send our letter to you. We will never use your information for any other reason nor give or sell it to anyone. To run a webshop, we need to collect some data for analyses, customer database. To keep a webshop running, and make it findable on the internet, we need to collect anonymous information from your browser, including your IP address, software and hardware information, and the requested page.
We promise never to spam you or do anything with your personal information you haven’t signed up for. We are the only ones who own the information collected on this website and we will not sell or share it with anyone else. After ordering, you may receive an occasional email requesting a review after a few months; otherwise you will only hear from us if you have chosen to join our newsletter. Or when you choose to come back and shop again.

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If you want to know more about cookies and privacy, read our privacy policy.

Company facts

  • Svenssons.online is operated through Wordpicture AB.
  • Wordpicture AB is a limited company (Aktiebolag) and is registered for the notice of tax assessment for self-employed companys (f-skatt).
  • Wordpicture AB and Svenssons.online is owned by Inga Svensson.
  • Organization number: 556947-5378