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Svenssons.online is Inga and Andreas Svensson, a creative couple living on the Swedish countryside in Västra Götaland. On this page we want to share our arts, handcrafts and creativity with you. Have a look around and check out our blogs A Girl in a Workshop (English) and Typisch Schweden (German).

New in our shop

New in our shop

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Handmade knives

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a kitchen knife, outdoor knife, fishing knife or hunting knife – here you can order your individual knife. Andreas Svensson, a knife maker from Sweden with roots from Norway, has been a knife nerd his whole life and knows which kind of steel and materials are best for your requirements. Just contact us to order your special and unique knife or have a look in our webshop.


Bring a piece of nature wherever you go. Earrings and necklaces designed and made by Inga Svensson, in cooperation with nature. The material is upcycled new-silver, hammered, shaped, engraved, ground and polished. A piece of nature.


Bring some rough details to your home and let a part of old history move into your life. Andreas Svensson forges items to lighten up your home. A lot of Andreas work is on demand so don’t hesitate to contact us for your order.

Prints from Scandinavia

Do you want a piece of longing for the great wide Scandinavia in your life? Inga Svensson has been taking pictures of nature, harbours and towns for more than a decade. With an eye for the mystic, shapes and the natural light she is telling nordic stories in her photography. Check out her fine art prints and put some Scandinavian vibes in your home.

Inga Svensson

Photography – Upcycling Art – Storytelling
German mind, Swedish soul



It all started on a rough grey winter day when Inga Svensson was sitting at the beach of Lygnern, a big lake in Sweden that formed from a fjord during the last ice age. The shapes of the driftwood were magical and every piece tell their own little story. Driftartwood was a project that turned into a storytelling art adventure. All pieces are carefully processed and worked with to get the wet surface and sometimes small foam blisters from the waves that just brought that piece of wood to the beach.


Paintings on canvas, furniture, walls, interior and fabric in oil and acrylic. Most paintings are inspired by Scandinavia, like Norwegian Rosemåling and the northern lights.

Andreas Svensson

Knife making & Blacksmithing
A Swede with roots in Norway