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Loppis: Book "Vårens blommor"

Loppis: Book "Vårens blommor"

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A used book about spring flowers by Ingvar Björk and Curt Lofterud. I recommend the book ""Vårens blommor" (in English: spring flowers) for all of you who wants to learn Swedish with help of a fact book about spring flowers. 

/Inga Svensson

Author: Ingvar Björk and Curt Lofterud
Item: Fact book about spring flowers. Hard cover. Text and illustrations.
 Used book, see pictures.
Printed: 1983
Pages: 47
Language: Swedish
ISBN: 91 36 02046 X
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If you purchase, please pass it on or sell it as well when you don't want to keep it anymore. Let's keep the planet and Astrid Lindgrens stories alive!

/Inga Svensson


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