“I have been painting my whole life – on canvas, furniture, walls, interior and fabric. I paint with oil and acrylic. Mainly my paintings are inspired by Scandinavia, like Norwegian Rosemåling and the northern lights.”

– Inga Svensson

The Northern Lights Sky

Have you ever seen the Northern lights? The sky is magical and if you are a diver you may have seen the milky seas effect, which is similar. However, captured by the colors of this natural phenomenon, this paintings will let you see and value them. The Northern Lights Sky is one of Ingas projects that comes from her love to the Scandinavian winter nights in the north and the passion for old upcycled items to fit the modern interior. These colorful paintings are painted in oil on used structured fabrics, framed into old embroidery frames. They come in different sizes. You will find them in our webshop. If they are out of stock, please contact us.


Rosemåling is the traditional Norwegian paintings on furniture and interior. Inspired by that Inga paints on canvas, interior, furniture, walls and doors. Just contact us for any request.

Wall and furniturepaintings

If you want a beautiful piece of art on your wall, a furniture or a door or why not painting the whole inside of your camping van, please contact us for bookings.


We have a small webshop where you can find some unique and handmade items. If you rather want to customize your order, please contact us or visit our workshop in Sätila, Sweden.

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