Handmade knives by Sven Andreas Svensson

Handmade knives from Sweden

“Knives have been my passion through my whole life. My fascination has grown along with my collection but I wanted to make my own knife, that fit my hand and my needs perfectly. And there everything started. Today I am happy that I can offer you a personal handmade knife using the materials that fit your needs best.”

–Andreas Svensson

Customized handmade knives

Do you want a personal knife, a friend that follows you throughout life? It doesn’t matter if its for your kitchen to provide easier cooking or for fishing, hunting or other nature experiences. Andreas will help you find the right metal, shape, material and beauty for your custom knife. Just contact us!

Knife blades and stabilized wood

Do you want a to make your personal knife? We sell blades in the shape of your choice. Just contact us with your ideas and preferences. We also stabilize wood that you can use for handles and we have a good network of suppliers for any knife making need you have. 

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We have a small webshop where you can find some unique and handmade items. If you rather want to customize your order, please contact us or visit our workshop in Sätila, Sweden.