Creative living in Sweden includes so much topics and things we want to share with you. Inga made a start with two blogs: A Girl in a Workshop and Typisch Schweden. The first one, A Girl in a Workshop, is in English and about all the creative projects Inga has in her workshop, the forge and on their farmland. It shows parts of the creative live Inga and Andreas are living close to nature on the Swedish countryside.

Typisch Schweden is, as you maybe can read into it, a German blog. Inga is from Germany and moved to Sweden in the beginning of 2009. Through the years she has done a lot of things she wants to share with all the people in Germany that are longing for Sweden.

A Girl in a Workshop

Creative living, tiny house, building maintenance, forging, farming and Nature. 

A Girl in a Workshop

Moving Our Tiny House for the very first time

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Moving a house, that sounds really big to me. But I have seen it for real when they moved a kindergarten in Gothenburg some years ago. They split the wooden house in three parts, put them on one trailer each with a crane and moved it to the new place. So I thought it would be easy moving a house already built on a trailer. And of course, it is, but it was still so exiting. Probably because I built it myself. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is done. If you want to see how it went, here is the video: 

Typisch Schweden

Landleben in Schweden, unendliche Natur, Elche, Loppis, Allemansrätt, Alltag und Sitten.

Leben in Schweden

Unser Leben in Schweden

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Vorab erstmal ein ganz grosses Dankeschön an dich! Ich habe so viel schönes Feedback für meinem letzten Blog post bekommen och das freut mich riesig. Mein Ziel ist es, dir von unserem Leben hier in Västra Götaland in Schweden zu erzählen um dich zu inspirieren und dir Ausflugs- und Urlaubstips zu geben. Vielleicht träumst du insgeheim auch von einem Leben in Schweden, oder du planst schon deinen nächsten Schwedenurlaub. Wie dem auch sei hoffe ich, dass du von meinen Erfahrungen der letzten 14 Jahre in Schweden ein paar Ideen bekommst, um dir dein Leben so zu gestalten wie du es möchtest.