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Svenssons.online is Inga and Andreas Svensson, a creative couple living on the Swedish countryside in Västra Götaland. On this page we share our arts, handcrafts and creativity with you. Have a look around and check out our blogs A Girl in a Workshop (English) and Typisch Schweden (German).

Sven Andreas Svensson

Andreas, thats me. I am a Swedish knifemaker and blacksmith with roots in Norway. I love creativity and nature and have a passion for metal. Metal work has been following me through my whole life, even if the rough see on the boats I’ve been working on was a real challenge. Nowadays my working-space is more worm and cosy, if you compare it to all the storms I have been through on see, in my own forge. I love creating and working with natural materials, which you often see in my knives. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


From start I am a sailor. I have worked on boats for about ten years. A lot of my crafting experience comes from my interest in different materials and creating. I learned a lot just by trying, from my time traveling in Australia and of course my work as a sailor – where metalwork is the main task. I also have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, love to read and dive into new subjects to learn all about them.

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Our workshop on Facebook @smedjanisatila
Our workshop on Instagram @smedjanisatila

Inga Svensson

Inga, that’s me, the other half of svenssons.online. A creative mind that works with photography, upcycling art and storytelling. From start, I am from Germany and moved to Sweden when I was 22. I use to say “German mind, Swedish soul” and that describes me very well. Structured chaos makes me creative and I usually have tons of different projects in progress at the same time. My main projects in the workshop are my jewelry collection #selflöv, my driftwood art and my upcycling art. But I also work with other things such as restoring furniture, woodwork and paintings.

Besides the workshop, I spend my time a lot behind the camera. I am a professional photographer for children, families and weddings. If you are interested in that, please check out my homepage wordpicture.se. (in Swedish). My own projects and fine art photography you will find here on svenssons.online. Please contact me for questions and custom orders and services for companies such as portraits and storytelling.


I have a bachelor’s degree in communications with focus on PR, photography and visual communications. Besides that, I have taken several different courses and classes (long and short ones) in photography, filming, mixed media, art and design.

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Ingas photography on Facebook @wordpicture.se
Ingas photography on Instagram @wordpicture.se
Homepage wordpicture.se

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You find our workshop and forge in Marks municipality, Västra Götaland, Sweden. If you want to visit us in person, just give us a call or contact us by mail. Sweden.

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Our workshop on Facebook @smedjanisatila
Our workshop on Instagram @smedjanisatila

Handmade knives, jewelry and mixed media art from Sweden


Konstgaraget, Kinna, Sweden
Liljas Lera, Kvarnbyn, Mölndal, Sweden
Svenssons Smedja, Smedjan i Sätila, Sätila, Sweden

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