The First Summer in Our Tiny House

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posted 15 of August in 2022 by Inga Svensson, a girl in a workshop

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to finally sleep in the bed I built. To wake up in the morning with the window wide open, take clothes out of the closet I built and go to the kitchen to make some coffee. Everything in this small house fits our needs. We love cooking in the kitchen and hanging out on our two kitchen benches. It’s like I finally realize how much I learned these past years – sitting here having a bouquet of meadow flowers I picked on the table.

It all went so fast the past months and now I already feel like I have been in this house for a long time. Tiny living for me doesn’t include a minimalistic lifestyle. Obviously:

This is the living room area with two benches. Behind the wall and curtains is our bedroom. The house is full of the things we love. Some gifts, souvenirs, second hand finds and some old things we got from our grandparents and family.

As you can see, no minimalistic lifestyle here. And I really love that. Even if there is not that much space, I wanted to have some indoor plants as well. I got this one from a friend, a porcelain flower.

And this one is from my grandmother in Germany. The flower pot Andreas got as a gift from a friend. Friends often call Andreas “björnen” which means “the bear”.

You may also noticed that I love these kind of lamps. I got three of those from my grandma (one of them is not in the pic). The one on the left is a second hand find. We bought it a long time ago in a second hand store in Gothenburg, when living in the city.

Also, we love to have our books visible. That way we use them much more if we just can grab a book out of the shelf.

The walls are decorated with crafts, art and music. We had friends to visit and one of their children said “I love this house, it’s so beautiful and there is something to explore everywhere”. I loved that she said that, because that’s how I feel about our little cabin too.

What I love the most about the interior is that it feels like nature moved in. I really used a lot of details from the forest and I am really happy about that. I will show you more about those in the future.

Since our goal was to build the house from reused building material as much as possible, we set up an amount of money we could spend on new building material. We had the goal to not spend more than 100 000 Swedish Crowns (about 10 000 Euro) and I think we can manage it. We still have the bathroom left to build, some electricity parts and the chimney so I will write more about the costs when the house is finished.

If you want to know more about the construction or our life in the tiny house, please let me know by leaving a comment. Have a lovely day!

Inga, a girl in a workshop

Dimensions of the house: 9.30 x 3.10 meters exterior dimensions
Hight: 4.30 meters exterior dimensions
Interior dimensions of the living area: About 25 square meters

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