Moving Our Tiny House for the very first time

– Besides the chain saw every thing went well

posted 26 of June in 2022 by Inga Svensson, a girl in a workshop

Moving a house, that sounds really big to me. But I have seen it for real when they moved a kindergarten in Gothenburg some years ago. They split the wooden house in three parts, put them on one trailer each with a crane and moved it to the new place. So I thought it would be easy moving a house already built on a trailer. And of course, it is, but it was still so exiting. Probably because I built it myself. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is done. If you want to see how it went, here is the video:

I really feel that I can relax now! Also, I am happy I decided to bee there on moving day. Since I was so nervous, I thought about going away for a small trip to be out of the way and let people work. But I could’t. So I prepared all my cameras. We drove behind the house the whole time, Andreas drove and I took pictures. Looks pretty amazing when your house is on the road.

The driver was really good in handling the house. I mean, the whole trailer is 11 meters (9 meters is the house) so it’s not that small.

It was no problem at all to fit under bridges…

… and such as you can see. (If you read my previous post you know that we measured the day before.)

We moved the house about 30 kilometers, so it really wasn’t a long drive. We know that there would be one turn that might be a bit tight. But that went without any troubles.

Nothing really was a problem. And I got more and more calm. The whole ride took us 1 hour, because we had the speed limit of 30 km/h.

I was very nervous and had no stable hands so I took our mobile phone holder in the car to film the whole way.

Sometimes it looked scary when we met bigger vehicles but it was never any problems. Of course the road is not that small either. But if a big truck passes you with 80 km/h it feels tight.

At the property the driver got out of his truck to check the entrance and how to get in there with the house. He drove a bit further and turned around to get a better turn.

The entrance was a bit too tight for such a long trailer. A pole got in the way and we had to remove it. That was a bit exciting but the driver was so skilled, he had a chain saw in his truck. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t start. I got a bit sweaty because my bathroom was still on the road with cars passing by fast. I got really happy when our neighbour came with his chain saw and just cut the pole. Haha, everybody has a chain saw out here.

To access the meadow was no problem at all. The ground was steady and dry.

We are also really happy that the driver managed to park it at the right spot. As I already said, he was skilled.

I am very happy that this part is done. It took some time until we found a good company that could help us with the move. Some companies never replied, some couldn’t help us because they didn’t have the experience or a big enough truck. For us it was important to hire a local company and thats why it took some time to find one. It was important for us to support a local company, that the move has a minimal impact on the environment and of course, that we can afford it. I want to name them here, Janssons Entreprenad, because they were so professional and service minded. I warmly can recommend them!

Today, we have been living in our house for six days and everything feels great so far, even though the bathroom, wood stove and chimney are not done yet. But hey, it summer now. We will take it easy and as soon as it cools down a bit, I will build our bathroom.

Thanks for reading this! If you have any questions, just drop me a comment. Have a lovely day!

Inga, a girl in a workshop

Trailers length: 11 meters
Dimensions of the house: 9.30 x 3.10 meters
Hight: 4.30 meters
Weight: We guess 12-15 tons but we are not sure
Axles: 4
Wheels: 14
Allowed speed : 30km/h

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