Day One of Moving Our Tiny House

– Excitement, disappointment and a lot of thoughts

posted 19 of June in 2022 by Inga Svensson, a girl in a workshop

Well, everything was planned. The haulage company gave us a date and we prepared everything. If I was nervous? Yes, big time. I mean I spend so many hours on this house, it is my baby. But since I’ve never built a house before I thought “what do I know about how to build it that it actually will hold together”? Of course, i read, I asked and got a lot of help from people who know stuff. But still, moving a tiny house for the first time is really exiting. 

I can’t believe how much we have done in the past years. Two years ago we got our trailer delivered to our workshop. Now we have a house, almost just reused material. And it is ready to move.

We put straps around each corner – from the roof diagonal down to the trailer.

The straps are hooked under the trailer, one on the long side…

… and one on the short side.

Each one of them is made for 4 tonnes.

Andreas, who has worked on oil tankers and in the harbor for about 15 years, told me we wont need them. But I was too nervous so we did it anyway. And it calmed me down – well spent money.

It was so hard to believe that the day of moving had arrived. I can’t remember when I have been this nervous before.

We also got an “LGF”-sign. You need that here in Sweden if the vehicle is just going 30 km/h.

The day before moving day we drove to our property. We wanted to check the road so there weren’t any height problems with bridges and power lines, and also we wanted to prepare the property.

It felt calming for me to prepare everything the day before. I couldn’t sleep anyway so a busy evening was just welcome.

The grass on our meadow has been growing a lot. We had to cut a path so the truck driver would know where to drive.

We also put up some poles where the truck shouldn’t drive because it would be a risk that the trailer would tip over.

We also brought som outdoor furniture already. We want to move into the house directly so its nice to have som furniture for the outdoors.

I measured the entrance to our property just to be sure. I was really concerned that it would be too tight. Everybody told me to relax, that it won’t be a problem. So i believed that.

We also cut a piece of wood to measure the power lines height at our property. Andreas is almost 2 meters tall. The wooden stick is 3,5 meters. Plus his arm and some space in the top we guessed about 6 meters. That would be more than enough, our tiny home is 4,30 high.

Everything was ready for the house. So what happened then? Well, I made a video about moving day 1:

Yeah, that was it. But I can tell you that the house moved the next day. I am cutting that video right now so tomorrow you can see how the move went. Have a lovely day!

Inga, a girl in a workshop

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