Our new Property

– 3 hectares of nature and some rotten buildings

posted 2 of June in 2022 by Inga Svensson, a girl in a workshop

We can do it! That I tell myself a lot since we bought our property. There is a lot to do here. But hey, can I build a tiny house then I know can do anything (ehhh, ok?! *irony)

Anyway, let me show you casa de la Svenssons: 

The property is 3 hectares big and has meadow, forstest and three about 200 years old buildings. One of the buildings is this old rotten house. It is the main building and in a really bad shape. Our plan is to retain and restore the functionality of this house. Call us crazy or creative visionaries. Your choice. 

A lovely place behind the barn where we will put our tiny house. 

It will be next to the barn.

And this here is my happy place right now. Do you see what I mean? Sun, nature and a cold drink. Yes please!

Swedish spring love. We still have som wood anemones in bloom.

Last year in October we planted our first trees, four walnut trees I got from my grandparents in Germany. They have a big tree on their yard and it has been there even through WWII. I love this big tree and hope that one of them we planted now will make it here in Sweden where the climate is different.

This is the front of the old barn and as you can see there is some work to do as well.

Inside the barn it was a mess when we moved in. It was full of wood, old windows, and doors, pipes and other construction material. We are happy that we can reuse all this material but it was kind of in the way to do something in the barn.

The windows are all broken and if you follow me on Instragam, you might have seen some parts of the renovation.  But I will put on an blog post here too and show you how i managed to do it.

The light in the barn is magical.

Windows that the previous owner left. Parts for my future greenhouse?


A lot of plants are new to us on the property and we love to explore them. We have a lot of work to do here but we really try to not get overwhelmed with it, even if it’s not that easy all time. But the goal is not to get finished, it’s to learn and get new experiences, try out new stuff, fail, get it right and grow – as a person, mind and soul.

Hope you liked to see some more pictures and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. I would love to chat with you, get advices and new ideas. Until then, be safe at the circular saw, 

Inga, a girl in a workshop

Facts: The property is 3 hectares big. It is situated in Mark Municipality in Västra Götaland County. Mark is known for its creative textile designs and it also here where the border between the Swedish and Danish kingdom used to be. I am not good at history but if you want to read more, I leave you some links.

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Visit Mark – homepage in Swedish

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